6 Considerations When Creating Budget For Your Backyard Oasis (2024)

Full disclosure: we don’t love budgets.

When we dive into a new landscape design project based on a pre-determined budget, our hands are tied. We often can’t deliver the design you really want, and you end up disappointed.

Then everybody goes home and eats too many Oreos out of frustration.

It’s a big bummer.

So instead, we’ll create a landscape design based on the elements you really want.

When you get the plan, everything is itemized. You’ll know how much each individual feature costs, from the fire pit to the patio to the pergola.

That way you can decide, if needed, what you can live without and what areas are must haves.

Everybody’s happy.

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But landscaping costs for a backyard oasis are a real thing. So here are some things to consider as you ponder your backyard landscaping budget:

1. Phases: Good or Bad?

Customers often ask about tackling their landscaping project in phases to spread out the landscaping design costs.

They often say they want to do the front yard first, then the backyard later.

It sounds good on paper. But you’ll actually spend more on landscaping design costs in the long run if you approach your landscaping project as two or more separate phases.

Also, you should really reconsider which should be phase one.

Your front yard is for your neighbors more than it is for you. Think about it. You really only see it for five minutes a couple times a day when you pull in or out of the driveway.

Your neighbors are nice — they do bring you that rocky road fudge at Christmas— but is impressing them with your front yard landscaping more important than your enjoyment of your backyard landscaping?

That’s a big nope.

Your backyard is for you. The pool, the patio, the lanai.

Do it first!

There’s a practical reason for this advice, too: If you do the front yard landscaping first, you’ll end up tearing it up a bit when you do the back. Skid steers aren’t the most graceful vehicles.

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2. There Might Be a Minimum

When you’re considering your backyard landscaping budget, be aware your Sarasota landscaping company might have a minimum fee.

Here at Tropical Gardens, we have a $20,000 project minimum. If you have a smaller project that won’t reach that amount, we’re not the best fit.

As you consider your backyard landscaping budget, make that one of your first questions so you don’t waste time.

3. Realize There are Behind-the-Scenes Costs

As you think about landscaping design costs, you’re probably adding up costs in your head: a new patio, a pergola, a fire pit.

But there’s considerable expense involved in your landscape design project before we even show up.

Like what?

  • Ordering materials. We make sure everything is here before we start, to avoid any frustrating delays.
  • Removal and disposal of your old plants.
  • Soil amendments so everything we plant will thrive.
  • Irrigation adjustments. Zones might have to be added to accommodate new plants. Lines might have to be moved away from new hardscape.

4. Bigger Plants Cost More

We love big plants and we cannot lie.

Some landscaping companies will install the smallest possible trees and shrubs to cut landscaping design costs.

Bigger plants give you the best, fullest look at installation, but that’s not the main reason we like to use bigger plants.

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Bigger plants are healthier. A great example: Palm trees.

You can get a Christmas palm in a 25 gallon pot that’s about 7 feet tall. A field grown Christmas palm will be about 10 feet. Sure, the extra height looks nice. But it’s more about the health than the height.

A field grown palm isn’t root bound the way potted palms often are. And it gets plentiful nutrients from the ground — not just whatever fertilizer might be added to the pot

Field grown palms cost a couple hundred dollars more, but we think they’re worth it when it comes to landscaping costs for a backyard oasis.

Same with other plants, like shrubs for your foundation. The 7-gallon pots cost more than 3-gallon or gallon pots. But the shrubs are bigger and healthier, giving your new landscaping a better start.

But if you really want to save a bit of money on your landscaping design costs, smaller plants will grow pretty fast here in Sarasota.

5. More Details, More Money

Choose fancier details, and your landscaping design cost goes up.

A rectangular patio is generally cheaper than one with lots of curves, because there’s less labor-intensive cutting involved. (Curves look really great, though.)

A fancy border on your paver driveway will add to the cost.

Details add up, which is something to consider in your backyard landscaping budget.

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6. Mistakes Can Be Costly

Trying to save money on landscaping design costs can backfire. Don’t plan a smaller patio just to save money. The size should be based on how you’ll use it and what furniture you need to enjoy it. Skimp, and it won’t suit your needs. Then you’ve wasted lot of money.

Know how you’ll use each element of your landscape design ahead of time so you don’t make mistakes that will cost you money. A good landscape designer can be a huge help.

Need Advice on Landscaping Design Costs? Talk to Us

Landscape design in Sarasota, FL is exciting. Plenty of sun, lots of amazing tropical plants, luxurious pools, palm trees. It’s the perfect set-up for a backyard tropical oasis.

How much will it all cost? What features should you prioritize? Should you stock up on frustration Oreos?

Chat with one of our landscape designers, who are happy to help you figure it all out.

Give us a call or fill out our form today! Our team of Sarasota designers can’t wait to design the perfect outdoor haven for your backyard or vacation rental property.

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6 Considerations When Creating Budget For Your Backyard Oasis (2024)
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