OSRS Sand Crabs Guide - How To Get There + Training Methods - OSRS Guide (2024)

This is a comprehensive guide to Sand Crabs in OSRS.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What are sand crabs
  • How to get to sand crabs
  • Noob-friendly way to get there
  • Best sand crabs spots
  • How to cannon at sand crabs
  • How to reset sand crabs
  • Why you should train at sand crabs

What are Sand Crabs in OSRS?

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Cb LevelHitpointsEXP/kill

Sand Crabs are aggressive low-level monsters located in Hosidius. They are favored by low-level players and pures to train combat skills such as melee and ranged at as they have low defense and high hit points.

Sand Crabs also don’t hit very high as all their stats except for hitpoints are 1.

Due to their aggressive nature, these monsters are perfect for AFK training. You will only have to keep your auto-retaliate on and your character will do the rest.

Lastly, Sand Crabs are multi-combat making them perfect for cannoning and speeding through the first 40 ranged levels in under an hour.

How to get to Sand Crabs

There are a number of ways to get to Sand Crabs in osrs. By far the easiest way to get there is through the Xeric’s Talisman which has a built-in teleport called ‘Xeric’s Glade’. This talisman is dropped by Lizardmen.

The lowest level Lizardmen are level 53 and have a 1/250 drop rate for the Talisman. Once you have the Talisman, you can charge it with Lizardman fangs which you can buy from the Grand Exchange.

Once charge, simply teleport to Xeric’s Glade and walk south towards the Hosidius beach where the Sand Crabs are.

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Here are some other ways to get to Sand Crabs:

  • Tithe Farm mini-game teleport (requires 100% Hosidius favour)
  • Fairy Ring code D*J*R (requires 40 agility)
  • Travel to Port Piscarilius (speak to Veos in Port Sarim) then run south (zero requirements)
  • Use House Teleport (if your house is located in Hosidius) which requires 25 construction and 9k
  • Teleport to the Woodcutting Guild using a Skills Necklace (best method for noobs)

Noob-friendly way to get to Sand Crabs

If you don’t have access to the Xeric’s Talisman, Fairy Rings and other transportation methods, don’t worry, you too can get to the sand crabs.

Getting to sand crabs can be done without any actual requirements.

There’s two ways to do so:

Teleport to Woodcutting Guild using Skills Necklace (best way)

This method only requires you to buy a Skills Necklace from the Grand Exchange.

Once you’ve bought the skills necklace, use it to teleport to the Woodcutting Guild.

From there, run East towards the beaches.

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Travel to Sand Crabs from Draynor Village (no teleport method)

This method is a bit slower than the previous method as you’ll have to walk a bit but it’s the only option for new ironman accounts who can’t buy a Skills Necklace from the Grand Exchange.

Here’s what you’ll do:

Start in Draynor Village and run all the way to Port Sarim

In Port Sarim, speak to Veos and ask to be taken to the Great Kourend.

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Once there, run South to the beaches.

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Best Sand Crab Spot in OSRS

The beaches of Hosidius can get pretty crowded so you might have to hop around before you find a spot.

If you’re willing to pay some money (10k to be exact) you can travel to CrabClaw Isle which is significantly less packed (because you have to pay) and the island is covered in sand crab spawns making it the best sand crab location in osrs.

To get to Crabclaw isle, bring 10k to the beaches of Hosidius and use the small canoe (Sandicrahb) to quick-travel.

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Once there, you’ll have an entire island full of sandcrabs at your disposal!

How to reset Sand Crabs

Sand Crabs are aggressive monsters making them great for AFKing. But just like any aggressive monster, they will stop attacking at some point to prevent people from abusing this training method.

Once they stop attacking, you will need to reset them.

To reset sand crabs, simply run north and then back.

TIP: you should run towards the altar so you can restore your prayer while you are resetting the sand crabs.

PRO TIP: Runelite users (highly recommended you use Runelite to play OSRS) can use the ‘NPC Agression Timer’ plugin which will tell you exactly when the Sand Crabs will reset. You’ll also want to enable ‘Show Aggression Lines’ in the plugin as this will show you exactly how far you need to run to reset the crabs.

How to cannon at sand crabs

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The fastest way to train ranged in OSRS in the early levels is by using a dwarf cannon. Dwarf cannons can be used after completion of the Dwarf multicannon quest which holds no requirements making it a noob-friendly quest.

Dwarf cannons are multi-combat weapons that you can set up on the sand crab beach and load with cannonballs. (30 cannonballs per load).

Once loaded up and firing, the cannon will start shooting sand crabs in your area. This will give you a lot of ranged experience with rates going up to 50k/hr in the early levels. Even more so if you use darts to attack the crabs at the same time.

Using this method at sand crabs, you can achieve ranged level 40 in under an hour.

Keep in mind that cannons are expensive and cannonballs cost around 450k GP per hour.

Why you should train at Sand Crabs

Sand Crabs are made for AFK-training due to their aggressive nature and the fact they are multi-combat.

You simply have to stand near them with auto-retaliate on and they will attack you.

Your character will then slay them one by one.

Sand crabs have low defence and attack (1) so they won’t hit you very highly (though you should bring food to increase the duration of your trips).

They also have a good amount of hitpoints (60) and give 240 experience each.

Sand Crabs respawn quickly so while you are training there should never be any wait in a good world.

Training at Sand Crabs is beneficial and the best place to train for pures and low-level accounts.

This is also one of the best places to train melee, ranged and magic in the first couple of levels.

The Crab Family

Sand Crabs are part of the crab family in osrs. A family of aggressive, low-level monsters with high hitpoints and low attack and defensive stats. These monsters are preferred for low-level training. Here’s a quick run-down of the other members of the crab family and how they compare to sand crabs.

Rock Crabs

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Rock Crabs are located in Relekka and can be easily accessed by anyone.

If you don’t have a teleportation method directly to Relekka, you can teleport to Camelot and run over there instead. If you don’t have the required magic level, you can use a Camelot Teleport tablet which you can from the Grand Exchange.

Rock Crabs are slightly worse to train at than Sand Crabs because they have lower hitpoints.

Read also: OSRS Rock Crabs Guide

Combat LvlHitpointsExp/kill
OSRS Sand Crabs Guide - How To Get There + Training Methods - OSRS Guide (9)

Ammonite Crabs

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Ammonite Crabs are located on Fossil Island and are the preferred crabs to train at because of their high hitpoints level.

However, to gain access to Ammonite Crabs you need to complete the following two quests:

  • The Dig Site
  • Bone Voyage

To get to Fossil Island, use a Digsite Pendant to teleport. If you don’t have a digsite pendant, you can also run to the digsite in Varrock and Teleport there by talking to Barge Guard. (Remember, you need to complete the Dig Site Quest first!)

Ammonite Crabs are slightly better to train at than Sand Crabs because they have higher hitpoints and give more exp/kill

Read also: OSRS Ammonite Crabs Guide

Combat LvlHitpointsExp/kill
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Hopefully, this OSRS Sand Crabs guide has taught you everything you need to know about Sand Crabs which offer one of the best early-level training methods in the game. Whether you are training Melee, Ranged or even Magic, sand crabs are the place to be.

OSRS Sand Crabs Guide - How To Get There + Training Methods - OSRS Guide (2024)


How to train at Sand Crabs? ›

Players wishing to train on Crabclaw Isle must bring 10,000 coins and may also find these spots to be occupied. Like all other crabs, sand crabs start off aggressive but will become tolerant of the player after ten minutes.

What is the fastest route to get to Sand Crabs? ›

At level 69 Magic you unlock Kourend Castle Teleport spell. Move your house to Hosidius with level 25 Construction and 8,750 coins and teleport to your house OR use scrolls of redirection on House teleport tablets (level 25 Construction requirement applies). This is the fastest way to get to Sand Crabs.

How to get to Sand Crabs with skills necklace? ›

Use the skills necklace to teleport the Woodcutting Guild then run. Use the Fairy Ring code D-J-R and run East, then South. (With 45 Agility you can use the Stepping Stones east of the Infirmary.) Use the Kharedst's memoirs book to teleport to Hosidius then follow the river south, crossing east over the bridge.

What are the best crabs to train on Osrs? ›

Ammonite crabs are one of the creatures that are recommended for training of all levels. They are similar to rock and sand crabs as they have virtually no combat stats but have the highest health of all the crabs. Low level players should bring some food.

How much XP per hour is sand crab? ›

Expect to achieve experience rates of around 60,000 to 80,000 XP/hr during this phase. The consistent spawning and passive nature of Sand Crabs make them an excellent choice for steady progression.

What time are sand crabs most active? ›

Timing and tides matter: The best time for crabbing at the beach is during high tide, as this is when crabs are most active. Keeping an eye on the moon phase can also be beneficial, as crabs tend to be more active during a full or new moon.

How hard do sand crabs pinch? ›

Will sand crabs hurt a person, or do they run away? They won't hurt you, but they can run pretty fast. They do try to burrow, and that can tickle or pinch a little - but nothing painful.

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